The war came into the weekend. No victims, too ...

Russians were withdrawn from Georgia. The Americans argue otherwise. It's weekends. Even for television news. Certainly, not for refugees oseti. But someone interested in this? Unfortunately, it seems not. In fact, we live in era's cynicism, that was raised to the rank to principle ..
.Obviously, the dispute has moved the diplomatic plan. In that is expected to top next week's the decision's Russian Parliament. About to demand recognition of independence Abhazia and OsetiaWhat will do America if the Duma will recognize the independence of two separatist republics? We will be part of a new show of double standard of morality.
"Kosovo can be a dangerous precedent" warned the president (current Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin. "Excluded" replied the USA. The present contradicts America and gives Russia the right "immoral" to recognize statalitate of the two separatist republics. I'm not a fan of premier Putin (on the contrary ), but looking at things objectively, the obsession of strategists from Washington to contradict everything says Russia is injurious, not to say iresponssable.
Probably, in the same moral climate questionable, will change their opinions when they will learn in a situation of having their own separatist republics (it is rumoured that intent already exists).